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File #: 20-0067    Version: Name: 2/18/20 - Resolution 2 Barton Drive SAD #55; Brede to Pontiac
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 2/18/2020 In control: City Council
On agenda: 2/18/2020 Final action: 2/18/2020
Enactment date: 2/18/2020 Enactment #: R-20-044
Title: Resolution No. 2 - Barton Drive Water Main Replacement and Resurfacing Project - Sidewalk Special Assessment District #55, Brede Place to Pontiac Trail
Attachments: 1. Owner Addresses and Frontage District #55.pdf, 2. Brede to Pontiac Map.pdf


Resolution No. 2 - Barton Drive Water Main Replacement and Resurfacing Project - Sidewalk Special Assessment District #55, Brede Place to Pontiac Trail


Attached for your review and approval is a resolution to establish the estimated cost and distribution of costs for new sidewalk to be constructed as part of the Barton Drive Water Main Replacement and Resurfacing Project (Sidewalk Special Assessment District #55).


In accordance with the City’s Non-Motorized Plan and Complete Streets approach, staff proposes installing a new sidewalk to close gaps and provide a continuous pedestrian connection along the north side of Barton Drive between Brede Place and Pontiac Trail.  The project also includes the construction of three midblock crosswalks on Barton Drive, between Brede Place and Pontiac Trail, near Longshore Drive, Northside Avenue, and Chandler Road.


Budget/Fiscal Impact:  Estimated costs for the new sidewalk in Special Assessment District #55 portion of the project are as follows:


Construction Estimate and Contingency                                      $70,000.00

Planning/Design                                                              $11,000.00

Const Eng/Project Admin/Inspection/Testing                                   $17,500.00

New Sidewalk Cost                                                                    $98,500.00


The overall Barton Drive Water Main Replacement and Resurfacing Project is included in the FY20 capital budget. Below are estimated project revenues for the sidewalk portion of the project from Brede to Pontiac:


Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk Millage                       $35,500.00

Special Assessments for New Sidewalk in District #55                            $63,000.00

Total Revenue                                             $98,500.00


Maintenance Impact

Routine maintenance, such as snow clearing, will be performed by adjacent property owners. Long-term repairs/replacement of sidewalk slabs adjacent to taxable parcels may continue to be performed by the City as part of the annual sidewalk maintenance program.


Special Assessments & Resident Input

As called for in Chapter 13 of City Code, the cost of the addition of new sidewalk where none currently exists shall be borne by the parcels that benefit from it.  Filling sidewalk gaps with a larger project that includes other grading and concrete work will potentially decrease the cost to property owners due to volume pricing by Contractors rather than filling the sidewalk gaps as their own project.  The remainder of the costs associated with the installation of new sidewalks, such as new crosswalks and ramps, retaining walls, tree removal and mitigation, and traffic control will be part of the City share.


On July 15, 2019 City Council approved Resolution 1 authorizing staff to undertake the new sidewalk work between Brede Place and Pontiac Trail as a special assessment project.  Letters were sent to affected property owners that explained the special assessments within the project, and invited them to attend an Administrative Hearing on January 23, 2020 to discuss the special assessment process, give costs estimates to each property owner, and to collect feedback.


At the January 23, 2020 Administrative Hearing held at Northside STEAM, staff shared individual parcel maps with the proposed sidewalk length and an engineer’s estimate of anticipated costs, as well as a Special Assessment Process and Contacts document.  Property owners from one of the six affected properties attended the Administrative Hearing and did not speak for or against the special assessment or the installation of sidewalks.  Staff did not hear from the other five property’s owners by phone or email at the time of this submission.


Special assessment amounts will be assessed against properties in proportion with the length of sidewalk to be installed in front of them.


Prepared by:  Nicholas Hutchinson, P.E., City Engineer

Reviewed by:  Craig Hupy, Public Services Area Administrator

Approved by:  Howard Lazarus, City Administrator


Whereas, Plans and specifications have been prepared for the Barton Drive Water Main Replacement and Resurfacing Project - Sidewalk Special Assessment, District #55;


Whereas, In accordance with Chapter 13 of City Code, the cost for the addition of new sidewalk is to be borne by the benefitting parcels; and


Whereas, A construction estimate and appropriate funding sources have been established;


RESOLVED, That the City Council determines the cost of said sidewalk improvement, including incidentals, to be approximately $98,500.00;


RESOLVED, That, of the total project costs, $63,000.00 be paid by Special Assessment District #55 upon the properties specially benefited;


RESOLVED, That the following described lots and parcels of land be designated as constituting the Special Assessment District #55 against which the cost of said improvement shall be assessed: SEE ATTACHED;


RESOLVED, That the City Assessor be hereby directed to prepare a special assessment roll in accordance with the foregoing determinations of the City Council and to file the same, together with his certificate attached thereto, with the City Clerk for presentation to the City Council; and


RESOLVED, That the City Administrator be authorized to take the necessary administrative actions to implement this resolution.