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Body Name:
Type: Public Market Advisory Commission
Meeting location: Larcom City Hall, 301 E Huron St, Second floor, City Council Chambers

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September 2017

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How Established
By Ordinance No. 22-07, approved on July 16, 2007. Section 1:195, Chapter 8, Title I of the Ann Arbor City Code; Ordinance amended July 16, 2007.
The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council, the Park Advisory Commission and the Market Manager. The Commission shall carry out the the following functions and perform the following duties: It shall provide recommendations concerning the Public Market to the Park Advisory Commission and City Council regarding policies and actions requiring City Council approval. It shall periodically review the Market Operating Rules under Chapter 31 (Public Market) of the City Code and recommend changes to the Community Services Administrator for review. It shall advise the Market Manager regarding the promotion and advertising of the market and the various activities which take place there. It shall advise the Market Manager regarding outreach education activities as they pertain to farmers markets and sustainable agriculture. It shall advise the Market Manager regarding vendor recruitment.
Length of Terms
3-years - Members terms may be held over and continue to serve as a member of the Commission until a successor has been appointed. Consistent with City Code Section 1:171, no member shall be allowed to hold over for more than 60 days beyond the appointed term whether or not a successor has been appointed, except that City Council may extend terms for periods of 90 days upon the recommendation of the Mayor and vote of at least 6 members of Council. Any vacancy on the Commission occurring in the middle of a term shall be filled for the remainder of the term in the same manner as for full-term appointments.
Meeting Times and Frequency
In January of each year for an organization meeting at which 1 member of the Commission shall be selected by the members to serve as Chairperson, and a schedule of meeting dates and times will be drawn up for publication, and such other business shall be transacted as shall properly come before it. Current Meeting Time is 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m.
Membership / Committee Composition
5 members appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by City Council.
1 Annual vender at the market
1 Daily vendor at the market
1 representative of the surrounding Kerrytown neighborhood
2 regular customers of the market.
Contact Info
Stephanie Willette
Market Manager
734-794-6255 ex. 42575