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File #: 20-1674    Version: 1 Name: 12/7/20 - Approve Purchase of Vehicle from Signature Ford
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 12/7/2020 In control: City Council
On agenda: 12/7/2020 Final action: 12/7/2020
Enactment date: 12/7/2020 Enactment #: R-20-453
Title: Resolution to Approve the Purchase of a Vehicle from Signature Ford (Macomb County Bid - $31,375.00)
Attachments: 1. Signature Ford Quote.pdf, 2. Macomb Contract 21-18 MY21.pdf


Resolution to Approve the Purchase of a Vehicle from Signature Ford (Macomb County Bid - $31,375.00)


The attached resolution authorizes the purchase of one 2021 Ford F-350 4x4 pickup truck in the amount of $31,375.00 from Signature Ford, Owosso, Michigan. 


One of the primary objectives of the Fleet and Facilities Unit is to ensure that the City maintains a fleet that is reliable and affordable. One of the ways that we do this is by establishing a replacement schedule for each class of vehicle. This does not mean that once a vehicle hits the preset age that it is automatically replaced. When a vehicle comes up on the replacement schedule, we use a two-step evaluation process.  The first step looks at five categories, including the vehicle’s age, miles/hours of use, type of service, reliability, maintenance and repair cost.  The second step consists of the Fleet Service Supervisor’s review of the vehicle repair history and general condition. Each category has point values that are assigned as follows:


AGE - one point for each year the vehicle is in service

MILES/HOURS - one point for each 10,000 miles or 330 hours of service

TYPE of SERVICE - one point for light duty use to five points for severe duty use

RELIABILITY - average # of work orders per month (1 <.25, 2 =.25 to .50, 3 =.50 to .75, 4=.75 to 1, and 5 = over 1 per month)

MAINTENANCE COST - repair cost as a percentage of purchase price (1 = 20 to 40%, 2 = 40% to 60%, 3 = 60% to 80%, 4 = 80% to 100%, and 5 = Over 100%)

SUPERVISOR REVIEW - based on a review of work order history and the Supervisor’s experience (1 = very good condition to 5 = very poor condition)


Vehicles with a total score of 22 or below are considered to be in good condition and are not scheduled for replacement. When the total score is between 23 and 27 the vehicle must have a Supervisor rating of 4 or 5 before qualifying for replacement. A vehicle with a total score of 28 and above still needs a Supervisor rating of 3 or above to qualify for replacement. By weighting the Supervisors score, we insure that vehicles that have been is service for a long time or that have had one exceeding high repair charge but are otherwise in very good condition, are not replaced.


The majority of the City’s fleet usage is tracked by hours used instead of miles driven.  By tracking hours, we get a more accurate assessment of the wear and tear the engine and drive train receive in the “stop and go” city environment.  We estimate that city driving accounts for 90 to 95 percent of the hours put on City vehicles.


Of the twenty five light vehicles scheduled for evaluation this year, four have met the scoring requirements for replacement. Of the four vehicles scheduled for replacement, one of these vehicles is included in this resolution.


The Water Treatment Plant Unit of the Public Services Area uses truck # 3204, a 2013 Ford F-350 4x4, for maintenance operations at the WTP. This truck is outfitted with a plow and salt spreader to help with snow/ice control at the plant.  The truck has been in service for 7 years and has 2,030 hours of operation. It averages 0.41 repair work orders per month and the cost of repairs has exceeded 193% of its purchase price. This truck was severely damaged in an accident in October, 2020.


The Fleet and Facilities Unit reviewed the bids of the Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the State of Michigan, Oakland County, and Macomb County. Signature Ford was the lowest responsive bidder to the Macomb County bid (bid #21-18) for pickup trucks.


Signature Ford complies with the requirements of the City’s Conflict of Interest and Non-Discrimination ordinances.


Budget/Fiscal ImpactAdequate funding for the purchase of this vehicle is available in the FY21 Fleet Services Fund budget.


Green Fleet Policy:  On October 19, 2020, the Green Fleet Committee approved the need for the replacement of this vehicle, that the proposed replacements are consistent with the Green Fleet Policy, and recommended the approval of this resolution.  The Sustainability and Innovations Manager has concurred with the actions of the Committee.


Prepared by:                                          Matthew J. Kulhanek, Fleet & Facilities Manager

Reviewed by:                      John Fournier, Assistant City Administrator

Approved by:                       Tom Crawford, City Administrator


Whereas, The Fleet and Facilities Unit needs to purchase a replacement vehicle for the City’s fleet;


Whereas, Signature Ford, Owosso MI, is the lowest responsive bidder to the Macomb County Cooperative Bid program; and


Whereas, Signature Ford complies with the requirements of the City’s Conflict of Interest and Non-Discrimination ordinances.


RESOLVED, That City Council approve the issuance of a purchase order to Signature Ford for the purchase of one 2021 Ford F-350 4x4 pickup truck in the amount of $31,375.00;


RESOLVED, That funds for the purchase of this vehicle in the amount of $31,375.00 come from the FY 2021 Fleet Services budget with funds to be available without regard to fiscal year;


RESOLVED, That the vehicle being replaced (no. 3204) be sold at the next City vehicle auction held after the vehicle is removed from service; and


RESOLVED, That the City Administrator be authorized to take the necessary actions to implement this resolution.