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File #: 20-0645    Version: 2 Name: 6/15/20 Award Bridge Inspection PSA to DLZ Michigan
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 5/8/2020 In control: City Council
On agenda: 6/15/2020 Final action: 6/15/2020
Enactment date: 6/15/2020 Enactment #: R-20-207
Title: Resolution to Approve a Professional Service Agreement with DLZ Michigan, Inc.($173,757.57) and Establish a Project Budget for the 2020/2021 Bridge Inspection Program ($212,000.00)
Attachments: 1. dlz - psa - 200507.pdf, 2. council approved resolution - dlz psa - 180702.pdf


Resolution to Approve a Professional Service Agreement with DLZ Michigan, Inc.($173,757.57) and Establish a Project Budget for the 2020/2021 Bridge Inspection Program ($212,000.00)


Attached for your review and approval, please find a resolution to approve a professional services agreement with DLZ Michigan, Inc. (DLZ) in the amount of $173,757.57 for the completion of the 2020/2021 Bridge Inspection Program.  This resolution also establishes the project budget of $212,000.00 for this work.


This project includes the inspection and evaluation of thirteen City vehicular bridges on public roadways, the Fifth Avenue Parking Structure (the portion under South Fifth Avenue that is considered a bridge), and the University of Michigan’s tunnel under Huron Parkway that is classified as a vehicular bridge. These inspections will occur over the course of the next two years.


The City is required by federal regulations (National Bridge Inspection Standards, sub-part §650.303) to inspect our vehicular bridges on, or over, public roadways every two years and submit updated inspection forms to the Michigan Department of Transportation.  About one-half of the City’s bridges are inspected each year in order to normalize costs as much as possible.


The project also includes the inspection, evaluation, and load rating of ten bridges controlled by the Community Services Area - Parks Division.  The bridges are the wooden bridge located in Scheffler Park; the two Bandemer Park structures located off of Barton Drive; the Island Park Pedestrian Bridge; and, six pedestrian bridges located in Gallup Park that are located on the pedestrian trail around the pond.  These bridges are more precisely described within the professional services agreement to be approved.  The estimated cost of this portion of the work is about $34,300.00.  The Parks Bridges inspection is being performed at this time as these structures have either not been inspected, have not been inspected or load rated within the last ten years or longer, or have been inspected and been deemed necessary to re-inspect to ensure their continued use is allowable.  These inspections are necessary to help ensure the bridges can be maintained in a state of good repair.


A professional engineering firm with expertise in bridge inspection work is required to be retained as the City does not have staff with the required certifications and structural engineering expertise to inspect the bridge structures. Also, specialized inspection equipment, traffic control devices, and significant planning and effort are required to inspect the structures.  Consequently, it is prudent to have this work performed by outside consultants.


In 2020, the following vehicular bridges will be inspected: Island Drive over the Traver Creek; Maiden Lane over the Huron River; Fuller Road (Eastbound and Westbound) over the Huron River; Huron Parkway over the Huron River, the Wolverine Line and Geddes Avenue; E. Medical Center Drive over the Wolverine Line; and, Wastewater Treatment Plant Drive over the Huron River.  In addition to these structures, the ten Parks Division structures will be inspected as well.


In 2021, the following vehicular bridges will be inspected: Broadway over the Huron River; Broadway over Depot Street and the Wolverine Line; E. Stadium Boulevard Bridge over S. State Street; E. Stadium Boulevard Bridge over the Ann Arbor Railroad tracks; Fuller Road over the Wolverine Line; East Medical Center Drive over the Wolverine Line (this bridge is now being inspected every 12 months due to its condition); Eisenhower Parkway over the Ann Arbor Railroad; the portion of the 5th Avenue Parking Structure under South Fifth Avenue; and the University of Michigan Tunnel under Huron Parkway.


The form of contract will be the standard professional services agreement drafted by the City Attorney’s Office.


The City of Ann Arbor Engineering staff has worked diligently over the last two decades to reconstruct and restore the City’s vehicular bridge system to a high-functioning level with a large majority of our bridges currently deemed to be in good condition (the highest rating using FHWA/MDOT nomenclature) with no structural deficiencies.  In 2018 and 2019 we were able to perform “routine” bridge inspections because of the overall good condition of our bridge system.  In 2020 and 2021, we plan to perform detailed inspections and alternate inspection types between “Routine” and “Detailed” following this pattern for the next two inspection cycles.  This will allow us to better allocate our financial resources and utilize the cost savings for other needed bridge work such as routine maintenance expenses.


DLZ has consistently proven to be reliable, thorough, responsive, and able to complete the needed work efficiently and effectively.  In addition, DLZ has been chosen in a competitive selection process, RFP #968, for six years (three inspection cycles.)  The last set of inspections were awarded based on the merits of their previous work.  They (DLZ) have performed the City’s bridge inspections at a very high level.  Consequently, Engineering staff has negotiated a price, which includes a nominal inflationary increase,  with DLZ for the proposed 2020 and 2021 routine bridge inspections as stated in our prior resolution that awarded the PSA in 2018 (R-18-268, copy attached.)  The attached resolution contains a clause that states that pending satisfactory performance of the inspections by DLZ in 2018/2019 that the City can elect to create a new PSA to include the inspections to be performed in 2020/2021.  


Note that Resolution R-18-268 stated that the existing PSA with DLZ would be amended to include this work.  However, upon further consideration of this issue, staff is electing to create a new PSA in order to clearly separate all costs associated with the project in order to simplify the billing process to the DDA and the University of Michigan and better ensure transparency.


In order to perform this project, approximately 150 City staff hours are expected to be expended during the course of the two-year project.  These hours will be utilized for tasks such as coordination of project work with various City Service Units or outside agencies (such as the University of Michigan, Parks Division staff, or the DDA); review of various consultant work products and inspection reports; planning and scoping future bridge work; preparation of Local Bridge Program Funding applications; maintaining FHWA/MDOT required bridge files and information regarding each structure; and, other related tasks.


Budget/Fiscal Impact:  Funding for this work is included in the Approved Major Street Fund (Fund 0021) Capital Budget, the Operation and Maintenance Budget of the Sewage Disposal Fund (Fund 0043), and Parks Maintenance and Capital Improvements Millage Fund (0071).


The Major Streets fund will interim finance the work of inspecting the privately-owned structures for which we are responsible to inspect.  Upon completion of the work, the actual costs of the inspection and project administration will be invoiced and reimbursed.  These costs are estimated to be approximately $9,900.00.


Prepared by:  Nicholas S. Hutchinson, P.E., City Engineer, Engineering

Reviewed by:  Craig Hupy, Public Services Area Administrator

Approved by:  Tom Crawford, Interim City Administrator


Whereas, It is necessary to retain the services of a professional consulting engineering firm to perform the 2020/2021 Bridge Inspection Program;


Whereas, The professional engineering firm of DLZ Michigan, Inc., of Lansing, Michigan has submitted to the City a proposal for the necessary services, setting forth the services to be performed by said firm, and the payments to be made by the City therefor, all of which are agreeable to the City;


Whereas, DLZ Michigan, Inc. complies with the requirements of the City’s Non-Discrimination and Living Wage ordinances; and


Whereas, DLZ Michigan, Inc. has performed previous bridge inspections with a very high level of knowledge, expertise, and client satisfaction and the City desires to leverage this experience to realize future cost savings should they continue to perform at their current high level of service;


RESOLVED, That a professional services agreement with DLZ Michigan, Inc. in the amount of $173,757.57 for completion of the 2020/2021 Bridge Inspection Program be approved;


RESOLVED, That the following project budget be adopted for the life of the project, to be available without regard to fiscal year and pending FY 2022 budget appropriations and funding availability as indicated:





Section I - Revenue

Major Street Fund (0021) -                                                                                                                               FY 21  $55,475.00

Sewage Disposal Fund (0043) -                                                                                                                               FY 21  $3,325.00

Parks Maintenance and Capital Improvements Millage Fund (0071)                      FY 20 $34,300.00

Major Street Fund (0021) -                                                                                                                              FY 22 $109,000.00

Major Street Fund (0021) -                                                                                                                              FY 22  $9,900.00*

*(To be interim financed pending reimbursement from the U of M and DDA)                                          



Section II - Expense


Consulting engineering services                     $173,800.00

Other charges including project management, City-owned vehicles,

Overhead, Direct Fringes, Materials and Supplies, etc.                                           $20,820.00

Contingencies to be approved by the City Administrator                     $17,380.00

TOTAL                     $212,000.00


RESOLVED, Pending successful completion of the currently proposed two-year cycle of bridge inspections, that the Engineering Unit negotiate and recommend for City Council’s approval, a professional services agreement with DLZ Michigan, Inc. for the performance of bridge inspections in 2022/2023 without performing a new services solicitation process.  If DLZ Michigan, Inc. fails to perform in a manner that meets the expectations of the City or does not retain their key personnel, the City will undertake its normal services solicitation procedures to find a suitably qualified consultant to perform the work;


RESOLVED, That the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized and directed to execute said agreement, after approval as to form by the City Attorney and approval as to substance by the City Administrator; and


RESOLVED, That the City Administrator be authorized to take the necessary administrative actions to implement this resolution including approval of needed Traffic Control Orders, night work authorizations, and other similar administrative approvals to allow the work of the project to proceed without delay.