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File #: 17-1918    Version: Name: 12/18/17 - DTE Curb Cut on Huron Parkway
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 12/18/2017 In control: City Council
On agenda: 2/5/2018 Final action: 2/5/2018
Enactment date: 2/5/2018 Enactment #: R-18-043
Title: Resolution to Approve Construction of an Additional Drive Approach on Huron Parkway, South of Hubbard Street to Service the DTE Apex Substation
Attachments: 1. City of AA Letter for Curb Cut-Final.pdf, 2. 1964 Huron Parkway.pdf, 3. DTE-Apex driveway_location map.pdf


Resolution to Approve Construction of an Additional Drive Approach on Huron Parkway, South of Hubbard Street to Service the DTE Apex Substation


In the City Council meeting on September 14, 1964, City Council approved a resolution regarding the design of Huron Parkway, including the number and location of curb cuts.  The adopted resolution states that Council must approve “any changes in either the number or location of curb cuts in the Huron Parkway.”


Additional curb cuts along Huron Parkway have been approved by City Council through the approval of the site plans including their respective curb cuts. DTE Energy has approached the City with a request to construct a curb cut on the west side of Huron Parkway, south of Hubbard Street to provide access to their new Apex Substation.  This substation will be constructed on property owned by the University of Michigan, which is not required to follow the City’s site planning process. Therefore, as this curb cut will not have an associated site plan approval by City Council, the attached resolution to approve this additional curb cut is presented for your consideration. 


Steep slopes prevent constructing the curb cut along Hubbard Street to meet DTE Energy maximum slope requirements for their maintenance vehicles, making it necessary to place the curb cut on Huron Parkway. City staff have reviewed the detailed design of the curb cut and found it to comply with City Code and the Public Services Standard Specifications.


The attached resolution will authorize City staff to approve a Right-of-Way Permit to construct a curb cut to serve the DTE Apex Substation.


Budget/Fiscal Impact

This work will be constructed by DTE as part of the Apex Substation project, and thus will have no fiscal impacts to the City of Ann Arbor.


Prepared by:  Nicholas Hutchinson, P.E., City Engineer

Reviewed by:  Craig Hupy, Public Services Area Administrator

Approved by:  Howard S. Lazarus, City Administrator


Whereas, At a meeting on September 14, 1964 City Council restricted the number of curb cuts onto Huron Parkway and required any additional curb cuts be approved by Council;


Whereas, DTE Energy desires to construct the Apex Substation on University of Michigan owned property and requires a curb cut for access to the site;


Whereas, The University of Michigan is not required to follow the City’s site planning process, whereby a curb cut could have been approved by City Council as a part of the site plan petition;


Whereas, Steep slopes prevent placing the curb cut on Hubbard Street that would meet the slope requirements of DTE Energy maintenance vehicles;


Whereas, The proposed curb cut complies with design requirements of City Code and the Public Services Standard Specifications; and


Whereas, The construction of the curb cut will be performed by and funded by DTE Energy;


RESOLVED, That City Council approve the proposed curb cut on the West side of Huron Parkway approximately 584 feet South of Hubbard Road to service the new DTE Apex Substation with the following conditions:


1)                      Final landscaping plantings screening the Apex Station from Huron Parkway are to be reviewed by City and University of Michigan staff with final approval by the City’s Urban Forestry & Natural Resources Planning Coordinator,


2)                     The landscaping plantings installed within the Huron Parkway right-of-way and on the land adjacent to the APEX substation and substation access road will be maintained by the University of Michigan in a healthy condition such that the vegetation and screening objectives of its installation are achieved; and


RESOLVED, That Council authorize the City Administrator to take the necessary administrative actions.


As Amended by Ann Arbor City Council on February 5, 2018