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Body Name:
Type: Citizen Board or Commission
Meeting location: Community Education & Recreation, 1515 S Seventh St, conference room

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February 2019

Feb, 2019

Recreation Advisory Commission
For more information please visit the Recreation Advisory Commission Webpage.
Council resolution 4/20/53; amended by Council actions on 11/23/70, 2/16/72, 4/6/78, 4/21/80; name changed by resolution approved 4/9/87; amended by Council resolution 2/17/98.

To advise City's administrator for Parks and Recreation and administrator for Community Services on matters relating to recreation programs and other recreational matters to enable them to fulfill their charge which is as follows:
(1) Provide recommendations on all recreation policy matters to City Council and the Board of Education and monitor their implementation and effectiveness after adoption
(2) Communicate information about recreation programs to the residents of the City of Ann Arbor and the School District, and solicit from them feedback for the formation of recreation philosophy and policies
(3) Assist the City and Schools with the identification of year-round recreational needs of the members of our community
(4) Develop and maintain a comprehensive recreational program
(5) Prepare and submit the annual budgets for recreation activities in the city and the school district
(6) Prepare and deliver an annual report on recreation programs to City Council and Board of Education

Special Qualifications for Appointment
Resident of the City or of the School District depending on the appointing body.

Length of Terms
3 years: no person serving on this commission continuously for six years shall be eligible to reappointment, until the lapse of 3 years. (City Charter, Section 5:17)

Meeting Times and Frequency
Meets four times a year 7 p.m. at a minimum (meeting times are flexible), at the Ann Arbor Public Schools Rec & Ed Office, 1530 Eisenhower Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

Membership / Committee Composition
18 members as follows:
6 at-large members, residents of the City of Ann Arbor, appointed by the Mayor with the approval of City Council.
6 at-large members, residents of the Ann Arbor School District, appointed by the President of the Board of Education with approval of the Board of Education.

6 ex officio members without vote:
The administrator for Parks and Recreation for the City of Ann Arbor (or a City staff designee)
The administrator for Community Services for the Ann Arbor School District.
2 members of City Council, appointed annually by the Mayor with the approval of Council.
2 members of the Board of Education, appointed annually by the Board of Education.

Contact Info
Christine Drago
1515 S. Seventh St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Jenna Bacolor
Director of Community Rec & Ed.