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Body Name:
Type: Environmental Commission
Meeting location: Larcom City Hall, 301 E Huron St, Second floor, City Council Chambers

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How Established
By Ordinance 7-00 approved April 3, 2000 (Chapter 8, Section 1:237); resolution appointing first commission adopted September 18, 2000.
To advise and make recommendations to the City Council and City Administrator on environmental policy, environmental issues and environmental implications of all City programs and proposals on the air, water, land and public health. Duties include holding public hearings on environmental issues and concerns, and publishing and presenting an annual report on the City's "State of the Environment."
Special Qualifications for Appointment
Members should have an interest in protecting and enhancing the well-being of the environment and public health of the community.
Meeting Times and Frequency
4th Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in 301 E. Huron St., 2nd Floor Council Chamber.
Membership / Committee Composition
13 members nominated and approved by the City Council for 3-year terms.
Two members so appointed shall be members of the City Council.
In making appointments of members of the Environmental Commission, the City Council shall appoint persons who, insofar as possible, have an interest in protecting and enhancing the well-being of the environment and public health of the community.
The terms of office of the first Environmental Commission appointed hereunder shall be fixed by the City Council so that the terms of 5 members will be for 1 year, 3 members will be for 2 years, and 3 will be for 3 years. After the initial commission is formed, all members, except the City Councilmembers, thereafter will be appointed for 3 years. The City Councilmembers shall be appointed for a 1-year term. A City Councilmember shall cease to be a member of the Environmental Commission if she/he ceases to be a member of the City Council. To help coordinate an integrated environmental policy, 3 members of the Environmental Commission shall be appointed to the commission from the following city committees or commissions: Planning Commission, Parks Advisory Commission, or Energy Commission.
Contact Info:
Matthew Naud
Environmental Coordinator
734-794-6430 ex 43712