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Type: Citizen Board or Commission
Meeting location: Wheeler Center, 4251 Stone School Rd, conference room B

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December 2018

Dec, 2018

Elizabeth Dean Fund Committee (DFC)
Established on March 17, 1975 by Resolution No. R-88-3-75.
Membership established 11/21/77
Membership expanded 10/7/85 and 9/8/87
Bylaws amended October 15, 2012 by R-12-467

The purpose of the DFC is to advise City Council how to spend the income earned annually from a bequest made to the City in 1964 by Elizabeth R. Dean to repair, maintain and replace trees on City property.

Special Qualifications for Appointment
Interest in urban trees.

Length of Terms
2 years

Meeting Times and Frequency
This is a permanent committee that meets once a month, on the 2nd Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. at Wheeler Center, 4251 Stone School Rd, conference room B.

Membership / Committee Composition
8 Members: 7 voting members, 1 non-voting ex officio member
Voting membership of the Elizabeth Dean Fund Committee shall consist of seven citizen members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of City Council.
The City Urban Forestry & Natural Resources Planning Coordinator shall be an eighth, non-voting member (Approved by the City Council by Resolution No. R-12-268 on 6/14/12. (No Council Rep. Based on City Council action taken on 1/6/03.)

Contact Person
Kerry Gray, Urban Forestry & Natural Resources Planning Coordinator
City of Ann Arbor, Systems Planning Unit
734-794-6430 ext. 43703