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Type: Citizen Board or Commission
Meeting location: City Hall-2nd Floor Council Chambers, 301 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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April 2014

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Council resolution, 11/4/69 (formerly Committee on the Problems of the Handicapped). Reestablished June 6, 1983 as "Mayor's Commission on Handicapper Concerns". Name changed to "Ann Arbor Commission on Handicapper Concerns" and membership composition revised by Council resolution August 18, 1986. Current name approved by Council resolution July 1, 1991. Composition and terms changed by Council resolution April 1, 2002. Purpose: To promote and advocate for equal opportunities for all individuals with physical, mental and/or emotional disabilities. Special Qualifications for Appointment: Leadership skills to provide direction and set policy for 3 program members who coordinate special change/improvement projects; (2) Fifty percent (50%) of members/commissioners must be physically disabled or challenged; (3) Primary functions of members must be in the City of Ann Arbor-employment, volunteer work, etc.; (4) Specific expertise in one of the 3 program areas; (5) Participation at the program level prior to application for appointment as a commissioner. Length of Terms: 3-year terms, which shall be staggered so that approximately 1/3 of the member's terms expire each year. 5 members shall be appointed in 2002, 4 members in 2004, & 4 members in 2005, with the number of appointments being established on the same pattern for year 2005 and beyond. Meeting Times and Frequency: This is a permanent commission which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 3:15 p.m. in the Council Chamber. Membership/Committee Composition: Not to exceed 13 members appointed by Mayor with approval of Council, plus representatives from Community Development and Human Resources. No more than 4 persons may be appointed who do not have a disability. Contact Info: Amy Seavitt, Human Resource Assistant, 734-794-6120.