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Type: Citizen Board or Commission
Meeting location: Larcom City Hall, 301 E Huron St, Second floor, City Council Chambers

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September 2017

Sep, 2017

How Established: Section 1:221 to 1:225, Chapter 8, Title I of the Ann Arbor City Code. Section 1:221 amended to increase membership from 7 to 9. Purpose: (1) to Make periodic public reports and recommendations to the City Council and city administrator on ways to improve the City government programs and ordinances designed to eliminate discrimination or to remove effects of past discrimination; (2) To investigate, hold hearings and make recommendations to City Council regarding complaints from any class or group protected under the Human Rights Ordinance; (3) To review and make recommendations to City Council on the affirmative action programs of persons or firms conducting business with the City; (4) To research, formulate and carry out programs of community education with the objective of discouraging and eliminating racial tensions, and prejudice or discrimination against any groups of persons; (5) To advise and communicate with federal and state agencies regarding their human rights and affirmative action programs for the purpose of making recommendations to City Council on more effective coordination of federal, state and city programs. Special Qualifications for Appointment: Ann Arbor City resident. Length of Terms: 3 years Meeting Times and Frequency: This is a permanent Commission that meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month in the Council Chamber of City Hall, at 7:00 p.m. - meeting times are flexible. Membership / Committee Composition: 9 members - set by ordinance. 2 councilmembers non-voting Contact Info: Heather Koch, Human Resources Assistant, 734-794-6120 ex. 41295