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Body Name:
Type: Cable Communications Commission
Meeting location: Community Television Network, 2805 S. Industrial Highway, Studio

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Title and navigation
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September 2017

Sep, 2017

How Established
Section 2:128, Chapter 32, Title II of the Ann Arbor City Code.
To advise Council, City Administrator and Communications Unit Manager on all matters pertaining to the implementation of the provisions of the City's Cable T.V. Ordinance and Franchise Agreement with the cable company; review and make recommendations on the general direction of Community Access Television. To provide a consistent and formal opportunity for public involvement and perspective regarding cable communication and provide counsel and advise to the City Administrator and City Council regarding cable television regulatory activities and the operation of the City's PEG access television entity. The Cable Communications Commission shall be responsible directly to the Mayor and City Council, who have continuing regulatory jurisdiction over the operation of any franchise granted for the operation of a cable television system to insure that the public interest is upheld and maintained.
Special Qualifications for Appointment
Ability to interpret financial and other reports; time to be involved in committee work over and above regular monthly meetings; enthusiastic advocate of both Cable T.V. and local community television.
Length of Terms
5 years - However, with the approval of Council, the Mayor shall fix initial terms at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years so that no more than 2 appointments expire in 1 year. Any vacancy in office shall be filled by the Mayor for the remainder of the term. A member whose term has expired shall hold over and continue to serve as a member until a successor has been appointed, however, no member shall be allowed to hold over for more than 60 days beyond the appointed term whether or not a successor has been appointed, except that City Council may extend terms for periods of 90 days upon recommendation of the Mayor and vote of at least 6 members of Council.
Meeting Times and Frequency
This is a permanent commission that meets quarterly the 1st Wednesday quarterly at 3:00 pm, in the studio at Community Television Network, 2805 S. Industrial, Suite 200. The meetings are telecast live and taped for replay.
Member / Committee Composition
7 members - maximum.
Lisa Wondrash
Communications Unit Manager