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Type: Greenbelt Advisory Commission
Meeting location: Larcom City Hall, 301 E Huron St, Second Floor, City Council chambers

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May, 2017

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How Established: By approval of Ordinance No. 17-04 on May 3, 2004. City Code 3:64 and 3:65. Statement of Terms revised on November 21, 2011. Purpose: To advise and make recommendations to the City Council on land matters and enhancing public awareness, commitment and active participation in stewardship of open space, natural features, and parkland including growth and development of parks within the Greenbelt District, land and land rights acquisition, management and disposition. Special Qualifications for Appointment: Persons who have expertise or affiliation as follows: a) Environmental and / or conservation group b) Agricultural landowner or operates an agricultural business c) Real estate development professional d) Plant or animal biologist Length of Terms: 3 members for a 1-year term 3 members for a 2-year term 3 members for a 3-year term After the initial formation of members, all members except City Council member thereafter will be appointed for 3 years beginning on 6/1 and ending on 5/30. City Council Member has a 1 year term. Meeting Times and Frequency: The Commission shall meet at a minimum on a quarterly basis at a date, place and time to be determined by the Commission. Currently meetings are held the 1st Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m. Membership / Committee Composition: 2 members chosen by City Council to serve as representatives of environmental and / or conservation groups. 1 member who is an agricultural landowner or operates an agricultural business. 1 member who is a real estate development professional. 1 member who is a plant or animal professional. 1 member who is a plant or animal biologist. 3 members from the public-at-large. 1 member of Ann Arbor City Council. Contact Info: Ruth Thornton, Conservation Fund, 734-794 6210, ex. 42798