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Student Advisory Council
The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is not a City board or commission, SAC is an independent organization that is primarily run by student representatives, but with City participation consisting of a council member and the City Administrator or a designee of the City Administrator.
City participation was established on January 17, 2017 by City Council Resolution No. R-17-019.

To promote dialogue and increased collaboration among students and the City on policies, programs and actions affecting all stakeholders. The Advisory Council shall provide comments and recommendations to the City Council and City Administrator; the UM Central Student Government, Rackham Student Government and the Dean of Students and Off-Campus Housing Office and the Superintendent of the AAPS at least annually on the following:

  • Initiatives focused on improving the quality of life for students
  • Public safety, such as lighting and crosswalks
  • Student-community relations
  • Student access to local services
  • City housing and homelessness
  • Student engagement in local affairs and policymaking
  • Policies relevant to students and the impact of proposed projects on students
  • Priorities and budget allocations impacting students
  • Promotion of a safe, inclusive and integrated Ann Arbor Community.

Frequency/Meeting Times:
Bi-monthly or as determined appropriate by the Student Advisory Council. Meetings will be held in a U of M facility.

Membership/ Committee Composition
This is not a City board or commission. However, the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding a Student Advisory Council included the membership composition as described below: Nine members serving at least one-year terms:

  • One member of council
  • The City Administrator or designee
  • The U of M Director of Community Relations or designee
  • Two students appointed by Central Student Government of the U of M
  • Two students appointed by the Rackham Student Government of the U of M
  • Two students from the Ann Arbor Public School system appointed on a rotating basis among the different high schools by the Superintendent of AAPS.
Contact Info:
University of Michigan